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Dress Code

In an effort to insure a respectful and safe environment the following dress code will be enforced. Students are to use good judgment in the clothing they wear to school. Clothing should appropriately cover a student and not be a “distraction that would interfere with the educational process.” (Board Policy 5132)   Students who wear inappropriate attire will be sent home to change or be asked to wear school-issued clothing for the remainder of the day.

  1. No hats or head covering in the classroom.
  2. No backless or strapless shirts shall be worn.
  3. The chest must be covered so that the neckline of shirts is no lower than the top of the armpit.
  4. Midriffs shall not be exposed when a student is standing still with arms hanging at the side.
  5. Skirts and shorts must reach the middle of the thigh.
  6. Underwear must not be showing when sitting, standing or leaning over.
  7. No undershirts, pajamas, blankets or slippers. 
  8. Attire advertising products illegal for minors to purchase are not permitted (alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc).
  9. Attire which features offensive or vulgar words, pictures, gestures, or drawings that name, advertise or promote sexually related products are not permitted.
  10. Attire which includes words, phrases, or pictures that are derogatory regarding ethnic background,       national origin, religious beliefs, gender, gender orientation or disability are not permitted.
  11. Attire, articles of clothing , adornments or drawings determined by local administration and local       law enforcement agencies to identify affiliation to any organization or group, associated with, or          reputed to be involved in criminal/gang activity is not permitted.  This includes but is not limited to         du-rags, scarves, any kind of gang insignia, names or numbers, etc.
  12. Students who wear gang affiliated colors and associate with those who have been identified by         the authorities as having participated in gang activities or are themselves identified members of gangs         will be contacted by the school administration.

Dress Code Violation Guidelines:

  • The student will be warned about future consequences for this behavior and parents will be contacted.  Students will change into a school shirt.  OR 
  • The student will go home to change.  Parent/guardian will be contacted.
  • Habitual offences will result in suspension or possible recommendation for expulsion.