Awards & Perpetual Plaques

CHHS Awards Night

We will host a Virtual Awards Night! The teachers have created videos for their subject-area awards. These videos can be found here!

Augustine & Komar Independent Studies.mp4

2020 Independent Studies Awards

Anika Bhatia

Nevaeh Perez

Mitchell World and US.mp4

2020 US History and World History Awards

Christian Dimacali

Jose Lopez

Augustine Komar Schmidt Engineering (2).mp4

2020 Project Lead the Way Engineering Awards

Rodrigo Torres-clar

Anthony Valassis

Monique Abas

Bence Cultural Govt Econ.mp4

2020 Economics, Government, and Cultural History

Edward Contreras

Monique Abas

Timothy Chan

Mendoza English III, YB, Film Lit.mp4

2020 English III, Yearbook, and Film Literature Awards

Norma Diaz

Enif Vazquez

Anastasia Harnois

Schmidt LS and PS.mp4

2020 Life Science and Physical Science Awards

Serena Salce

Keymone Harris

Yoon Art/Drawing.mp4

2020 Art Exploration and Drawing

John Gamboa

Isaac Gil

Tiberius Math I and SAP.mp4

2020 Math I and SAP Math Awards

Reka Miles Baculi

Edward Contreras

Lazalde Math II and Math

2020 Math II and Math III Awards

Monique Abas

Andrew Trujillo

Study Skills & Language Live (Tolley & Mrs K).mp4

2020 RTI Language Live

Serena Salce

Ezie Faye Ruiz

Mrs. K English IV and SAP.mp4

2020 English IV Awards and SAP English

Valeria Pantoja

John Gamboa and Kiki Roberts


The Roger Wollesen Award is given in memory of the counselor/teacher who helped establish Calaveras Hills High School in 1969 and was an integral part of the staff until his death in 1995. Mr. Wollesen encouraged academic excellence throughout his career, so this award is given to a senior with enthusiasm for learning and an outstanding academic record.

The Flemming Madsen Award honors Mr. Flemming Madsen who served as principal at Calaveras Hills High School for ten years. In his post-retirement he serves as the liaison between Cal Hills and Milpitas High School. Because Mr. Madsen was instrumental in helping so many students turn their lives around, this award is designated for the senior who has made the most positive life changes while attending Cal Hills.

The Gladys Fernandes Award honors the first secretary at Cal Hills, she continued to offer her services long after her retirement. Until her death in 1994, Gladys treated everyone at Cal Hills as an extension of her family and this award is presented to the senior who best exemplifies the family spirit of the school.

Gold -Cord Award Recognition

Students who complete seventy-five or more hours of VOLUNTARY community service are awarded a Gold Cord. They are recognized at the graduation ceremony by being awarded a gold cord to wear with their graduation gowns.

We will share the Scholarship and Perpetual Plaque winners in a bit! Stay tuned!


We will share the Scholarship and Perpetual Plaque winners in a bit! Stay tuned!

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