Why Attend

Cal Hills?

  1. Variable Credit - Students may earn from zero to ten credits per semester based on attendance, expected productivity and extra credit contracts. Students can earn credits through credit contracts, work experience, school athletics, Senior Accelerated Program, SVCTE, Adult Education, and more.
  2. Advisor Program - Every student has an advisor who is responsible for tracking all progress toward graduation.
  3. Smaller Class Size - Classes are staffed on a 25 to 1 ratio. Most classes have twenty or fewer students. Smaller classes enable teachers to better assist students and give them optimum attention.
  4. Smaller School - Because the student body is small, students receive more attention from the teachers, office staff, counselor and administration. Students have greater input into the decisions which effect the school. Students may participate in sports and school activities - serving on committees with teachers and the principal.
  5. Graduation - By taking advantage of every opportunity at Calaveras Hills, students are able to graduate upon completion of their senior year.
  6. Guidance Services - Students may take advantage of a variety of guidance services, including a full-time counselor, substance abuse counseling, tobacco cessation classes, and a Student Assistance Program.
  7. Condensed Day - Although students take six periods during the instructional day, the day is condensed because of a one minute passing period and twenty-five minute lunch. Students are able to work, attend the adult school lab or pursue extra-curricular activities at the end of the day.
  8. Environment - Because of a staff dedicated to meeting the needs of students as individuals, the school climate is based on respect and nurturing. Every teacher's unique contributions help students succeed. Students are acknowledged for their positive contributions through recognition such as: Student of the Week, Advisee of the Month, Student of the Month, Graduation Awards, Scholarships and much, much more.

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