Student Support Services

Advisory Program

The Advisory Program is an integral part of Calaveras Hills High School’s commitment to assist students in the successful attainment of the Schoolwide Learner Objectives (SLOs).  Students track their progress using our Advisory Handbook adopted in the fall of 2023.

Each Calaveras Hills High School student is assigned an advisor who may be a teacher and counselor. Each advisor is assigned approximately fifteen students. Students meet with their advisors during the daily homeroom period and on an individual basis.

Advisors build personal rapport by acknowledging each student as an individual endowed with unique abilities and interests. Advisors help students select classes and monitor their advisees’ progress toward graduation. The advisor’s function is to encourage and help each student, to act as an advocate when necessary and to respond to academic and personal needs of the student. Each advisor stays in continual contact with the students, teachers and parents/guardians, acting as a liaison and facilitating success.

Resource Specialist Program

Identified students may participate in this program at Calaveras Hills High School. This program is a special education setting that includes a credentialed teacher and an instructional aide, who provide instructions and services to students.  Students are mainstreamed at least two periods a day or have a four-period class schedule. 

Mental Health Counseling Services

 Services will be provided at NO COST to the student and their family and take place on-campus during school hours.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling

A drug and alcohol counselor, sponsored by Santa Clara County, meets with students who have been referred by staff members or who have referred themselves. Students may see the counselor on an individual basis or they may join one of the on-going groups. All drug and alcohol counseling is confidential.

Young Parents Program

Young parents may be allowed to have their children attend the Calaveras Montessori School at no cost.  The Montesorri School is located at the Samuel Ayer Education Center (next to Calaveras Hills High School). Free breakfast, lunch, and a nutritional snack are provided for any pregnant student enrolled at Calaveras Hills.

Student Study Team

The Student Study Team includes the school principal, assistant principal, drug/alcohol counselor, school psychologist, school counselor, resource specialist, and selected teachers. The Student Study Team receives referrals from any member of the staff and provides an integrated approach to students' special needs.


Edgenuity can be accessed by students for credit recovery and complete contracts. 

Log into Odysseyware at

Project Eden's Youth Services Program (YSP)

Psychoeducational support for students aged 12-19 addressing substance use, decision making, co-occurring issues, sexual orientation and gender-identity questioning, anger management and conflict resolution.

Transcript Requests

Transcript Requests can be made at Transcripts are $5.00 each.

Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY)

"Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) is an award winning non-profit dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence, crime and incarceration of teens. Through FLY’s unique and powerful combination of programs-legal education, leadership training, and one-on-one mentoring-youth get off probation, engaged in school, and back on track with their lives."

Learn more at FLY's website.

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