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Calaveras Hills High School, established in 1969, is a continuation high school serving the students of the Milpitas Unified School District. The school is housed in two wings of the Samuel Ayer Education Center and Innovation Campus. There are currently nine teachers, one counselor, two clerical staff members, one paraprofessional, one mental-health counselor, and one principal serving approximately two hundred students.  All teachers meet the District's Cross Cultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD) or its equivalent requirement.

Students attend Calaveras Hills High School for a variety of reasons; the primary reasons, however, are credit recovery and need of an alternative schooling environment to meet requirements for graduation. With occasional exception for specific reasons, students must be sixteen years old to enroll at Calaveras Hills High School. The majority of students are referred from Milpitas High School.  Students entering the district may be accepted directly into Calaveras Hills High School if they have been attending a continuation school.  


Once a student has been referred to Calaveras Hills High School, the student and a parent/guardian participate in an in-take interview with the principal, the instructional coach, or the counselor. Students are advised of the school's expectations for attendance, behavior, and productivity, and also of the many support services available to help students be successful. Students and parent/guardians are encouraged to ask questions and to become full participants in the educational opportunities at Calaveras Hills High School.

Accredited Model School


Every college and high school in California goes through an accreditation process. The Calaveras Hills High School staff and school community engaged in a year-long Western Association of Schools and Colleges self-study, examining curriculum, student academic performance, leadership, assessment techniques and school culture.

 Findings were presented to a four-member visiting committee. The committee reviewed the self-study and spent four days on the Calaveras Hills High School campus, observing classes, meeting students, teachers, administration and parents.

 The Western Association of Schools and Colleges gave Calaveras Hills High School the distinguished honor, a three-year accreditation in the spring of 2022.


Calaveras Hills High School is a California Model Continuation High School. There are 521 continuation high schools in the state, serving 68,000 students. Only twenty-five were recognized as “Model Continuation High Schools.”

During the three years (2021-2024) Calaveras Hills is designated as a Model Continuation High School, the California Department of Education will share information about the Model School Program to other schools and districts and identify Calaveras Hills High School as an exemplary model for others in the state of California.

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