Work Experience

Want a Job?

As a Calaveras Hills High School student, you can receive elective credits toward graduation. This is the process for earning credits:

** Remember that if you are under 18 years old, you need to have a work permit in order to work while you are in high school. If you have any questions about work permits, please talk with Ms. Kimi Porter in the main office. **

Steps to get a Work Permit

1) Talk to your advisor first to see if you qualify (no missing assignments, unresolved class issues, etc).

2) You must have good attendance (90% total verified)

3) Get the work permit application from your advisor or click HERE for a copy of the work permit application form.  

4) Get the job.

5) Fill out the form completely. This form requires signatures from both prospective boss and your guardian.

6) Bring the signed form to review by Admin in the office.

7) Return to the office to pick up the work permit when directed.

8) Turn in paycheck stubs or screen shots to Mr. Payne.

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